Silver Alloys with Cadmium

Silver Brazing Alloys Cadmium Bearing

Very versatile, high-strength, free-flowing and exhibit the lowest melting points of all silver based alloys. They can be used to join a wide range of base materials.

ProductMelting Range °COperating Temp. °CDensity g/cm3Tensile Strength N/mm2
Galflo 13 Cd605-7957908.7350
Galflo 17 Cd610-7807608.7350
Galflo 20 Cd605-7657508.8380
Galflo 21 Cd605-7307208.6400
Galflo 23 Cd620-7307208.7505
Galflo 25 Cd605-7207108.8420
Galflo 30 CD600-6906809.1535
Galflo 34 Cd610-6706409.1505
Galflo 35 Cd610-7007009.1440
Galflo 38 Cd605-6556409.2505
Galflo 40 Cd595-6306109.3505
Galflo 42 Cd610-6206109.1390
Galflo 45 Cd620-6356209.4460
Galflo 50 Cd620-6406409.4420
Galflo 50 Ni Cd635-6856509.5460

For the available forms, please consult with one of our agents.

IMPORTANT! Cadmium Bearing Brazing Alloys have been Banned in the European Union since December 2011 (Eu Commission Regulation No. 494/2011) and their usage is No More Allowed. Please contact our Technical Team for more information on recommended substitutes

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