Silver Alloys Cadmium Free

All these alloys do not contain Cadmium, do not present the Health & Safety concerns associated with Cadmium-bearing alloys and are RoHS compliant.

Cadmium Free Silver Alloys are suitable to join easily a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous base materials (iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, etc.).

ProductMelting Range °COperating Temp. °CDensity g/cm3Tensile Strength N/mm2Recommended Flux
GalFlo 01890-9009008.4370CleanTech™ Bronze
GalFlo 05820-8708608.4350CleanTech™ Bronze
GalFlo 12800-8308308.5410CleanTech™ XHT
GalFlo 16790-8308208.6505CleanTech™ XHT
GalFlo 20690-8108108.7380CleanTech™ XHT
GalFlo 25700-7907808.8380CleanTech™ XHT
GalFlo 25 SN680-7607508.7420CleanTech™ SHT
GalFlo 30680-7657508.9380CleanTech™ SHT
GalFlo 30 SN685-7557408.8380CleanTech™ SHT
GalFlo 33700-7407308.9535CleanTech™ SHT
GalFlo 34 SN630-7307109360CleanTech™ SHT
GalFlo 35685-7557409430CleanTech™ SHT
GalFlo 38 SN650-7207108.8430CleanTech™ SHT
GalFlo 40 NI670-7807808.9350CleanTech™ SHT
GalFlo 40 SN650-7106909.1430CleanTech™ SHT
GalFlo 43690-7707609.1400CleanTech™ SHT
GalFlo 44675-7357309.1400CleanTech™ SHT
GalFlo 45665-7457309.2410CleanTech™ SHT
GalFlo 45 SN640-6806709.2350CleanTech™ SHT
GalFlo 49 NI MN680-7056908.9300CleanTech™ XHT
GalFlo 49 NI MN L670-6906908.9300CleanTech™ XHT
GalFlo 50 NI660-7057409450CleanTech™ XHT
GalFlo 55 SN630-6606609.5350CleanTech™ XLT
GalFlo 56 SN620-6556509.5350CleanTech™ XLT
GalFlo 60 A SN600-7307209.8390CleanTech™ XLT
GalFlo 60 SN620-6856809.6420CleanTech™ XHT
GalFlo 65670-7207109.6400CleanTech™ XHT
GalFlo 7278078010390CleanTech™ XHT

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