Copper Phosphorus and Silver

The Copper-Phosphorous alloys are extensively used to join copper and copper alloy base metals (brass, bronzes).

Copper alloys are used for their high strength and good electrical and thermal conductivity. Similar in mechanical properties to high-strength-alloy steel, but has better corrosion resistance than steel. They have self-fluxing properties when used on copper and may or may not contain Silver.

ProductMelting Range C°Operating Temp. C°Density g/cm3Tensile Strength N/mm2
Galflo CuP5710-9207908.2250
Galflo CuP6710-8807308.1250
Galflo CuP7710-8207208.1250
Galflo CuP8710-7507108250
Galflo CuPSn7645-6956908250
Galflo CuPAg0.4710-7407108.1250
Galflo CuPAg1645-8107108.1
Galflo CuPAg2645-8007108.1250
Galflo CuPAg5645-8107108.2250
Galflo CuPAg15645-8007108.4250
Galflo CuPAg18645-6706608.6250
NanoTech™Galflo CuP5710-9207908.2250
NanoTech™Galflo CuP6710-8807308.1250
NanoTech™Galflo CuP7710-8207208.1250
NanoTech™Galflo CuP8710-7507108250
NanoTech™Galflo CuPSn7645-6956908250
NanoTech™Galflo CuPAg0.4710-7407108.1250
NanoTech™Galflo CuPAg1645-8107108.1
NanoTech™Galflo CuPAg2645-8007108.1250
NanoTech™Galflo 5 CuPAg5645-8107108.2250
NanoTech™Galflo CuPAg15645-8007108.4250
NanoTech™Galflo CuPAg18645-6706608.6250

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